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Technology for a healthy climate

For the energy supply and industry of the future.

Climate change requires the use of sustainable energy. For this we need technologies and materials that enable us to efficiently use, store and convert solar energy and other renewable energy sources. The purpose of these technologies is not only to generate renewable electricity, but also includes developing solar fuels and chemicals, and reducing the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere.

To achieve an efficient and
sustainable energy supply

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Our goal

With a new professorship in solar energy technology, the goal is to gain valuable insights and develop technologies, for example, for climate-neutral aviation.

Furthermore, an additional professorship will conduct research into the interplay of surface structures and the function of materials, generating possibilities to manipulate these surfaces for more efficient energy and material transport. A significant application for this would be, for instance, in the capture, use and storage of CO2.

Your support enables

  • new, clean and efficient solar energy technologies and their integration into business and society;
  • technological innovations in numerous applications, such as future-oriented reactor concepts for the energy industry or removing CO2 from the atmosphere;
  • a contribution towards a climate-neutral future.
Dr Donald Tillman | ETH Zurich Foundation, Technology for a healthy climate

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