ETH Zurich Foundation, Bequeathing property

Bequeathing property

Following your wishes with care

Your emotional attachment to your home tends to grow over the course of a lifetime as it becomes a place of life-defining experiences and milestones. This makes it all the more understandable that you want to know that your property will be in good hands when you are no longer around. As a reliable partner, the ETH Foundation ensures that donations, legacies or bequests of property are handled professionally.

Together with Immobilien ETHZF AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the ETH Foundation, set up specifically to manage real estate on behalf of ETH Zurich, we will ensure that your interests and wishes are respected.

Villa Hatt, pictured here, was left to ETH Zurich through a legacy. When passing it on to ETH, the founder’s family made it a requirement that the building would continue to be used. ETH Zurich is ensuring this wish is fulfilled, so that the venerable building will continue to be filled with life in the future.
Dr Donald Tillman  | ETH Zurich Foundation, Bequeathing property

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