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It is thanks to your commitment, our valued donors and funding partners, that teaching and research at ETH Zurich have been significantly strengthened over the past 20 years. Your support is creating an impact for our society!

This 20-year anniversary is an opportune time to reflect on the young talents and research projects that have been funded over the past years – projects that only became possible thanks to you.

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Innovation centre for digital transformation

© ETH Foundation / Valeriano Di Domenico

ETH Zurich and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation have signed a far-reaching letter of intent to establish a new teaching and research centre for responsible digital transformation with a global reach. Thanks to the foundation’s donations, around 20 new professorships are to be created over the next 30 years in Zurich and on the foundation’s teaching campus in Heilbronn.

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Technology for a sustainable construction industry

© ETH Foundation / Valeriano Di Domenico

Thanks to a newly established Fellowship programme at the Design++ center, talented researchers will work towards making promising technologies commercially viable, aiming to create new business models that promote resource efficiency and circularity and reduce carbon emissions in architecture and civil engineering. The program is made possible by a donation from Halter AG.

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Talents for industry, science and society

© ETH Foundation / Valeriano Di Domenico

Thanks to the generosity of our many donors and partners, ETH Zurich has been able to support increasing numbers of talented young people. Our impact report shines a spotlight on excellent Master’s students, ambitious students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and young researchers with entrepreneurial aspirations.

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Talents for industry, science and society
Excellence Scholarships awarded
Wall of Fame

A center for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

A generous donation from UBS took the planned venue on Hönggerberg campus a big step closer to becoming reality. The new building is intended to be a place for exchange and collaboration between creative students, the entrepreneurial community at ETH, the wider business community and society at large.

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  • UBS Switzerland AG
  • BKW
  • Fondation Alcea
  • Jörg Lienert AG
  • Marti Gruppe
  • Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
  • Plexim
  • SWF Stiftung für wissenschaftliche Forschung
ETH Zurich Foundation, A center for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

“With this partnership, we aim to boost the long-​term development of entrepreneurship and innovative capabilities in Switzerland, and to promote the next generation of entrepreneurs."

Sabine Keller-​Busse
President UBS Switzerland

2022 Rössler Prize awarded to Tanja Stadler

© ETH Foundation / Nicola Pitaro

Since 2009, the Rössler Prize has been awarded to scientists at a decisive stage in their career. The generous 200,000-franc research award – the most highly endowed prize at ETH Zurich – has been made possible thanks to a gift from alumnus Dr Max Rössler.

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Headed straight for the future: milestone for the Mobility Initiative

We have to tread new paths in order to set mobility on a sustainable course. In order to develop trailblazing mobility solutions, we require not only technological progress but also cooperation between the scientific community, the private sector and public transportation providers. The Mobility Initiative continued speeding ahead in 2021, joined by strong partners.

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  • AMAG Group AG
  • Prof. Dr. em. Alexander Wokaun
  • SBB
  • Siemens

Hub for artificial intelligence

© ETH Zurich / Gian Marco Castelberg / ETH AI Center

Artificial intelligence is at work whenever we talk to Siri, get film recommendations from Netflix or interact with ChatGPT. Thanks to donations, ETH Zurich was able to bring its many AI activities under one roof at the AI Center in the autumn of 2020. The Center has already established itself as an important hub for artificial intelligence.

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  • Asuera Stiftung
  • Dieter Schwarz Stiftung gGmbH
  • Google
  • Hasler Stiftung
  • Meta Platforms Technologies
ETH Zurich Foundation, Hub for artificial intelligence
AI researchers
from all ETH departments
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Digital technologies for more sustainable construction

Digital design, planning and construction are gaining in importance: at the Center “Design++” ETH Zurich develops digital tools and processes that improve design, raise productivity during the construction process and increase the quality of buildings while reducing their environmental footprint. The Center has been made possible thanks to generous donations.

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  • Gemeinnützige Stiftung Basler & Hofmann
  • Hexagon
  • Stiftung Kollbrunner/Rodio
  • Halter AG

Physics building of the future

Quantum research is developing at a rapid pace. ETH Zurich is constructing a highly specialized physics lab building in order to further strengthen its position in the field of quantum research. A generous donation from ETH alumnus and Honorary Councillor Martin Haefner brought the plans for these facilities one step closer to fruition.

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Physics building of the future

“For me, it’s about Switzerland as a research location. I support ETH Zurich in order to facilitate innovation and progress.”

Martin Haefner
Entrepreneur, Honorary Councillor of ETH Zurich

Raising young people’s awareness

© CYBATHLON @school / mint & pepper

How does it feel to use a wheelchair or walk with a prosthetic leg? How are exoskeletons built? CYBATHLON @school is a modular lesson plan aimed at raising teachers’ and students’ awareness of the daily challenges faced by people living with disabilities. The lessons also promote inclusion as well as enthusiasm for STEM subjects. CYBATHLON @school owes its existence and growth to numerous funding partners.

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  • Béatrice Ederer-Weber Stiftung
  • EBGB
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Fontes-Stiftung
  • Joh. Jacob Rieter-Stiftung
  • MBF Foundation
  • Swiss Life "Perspectives" Foundation

Child and adolescent health

Every day, thousands of children die of diseases that could have been avoided or treated with simple means. The Botnar Research Centre for Child Health (BRCCH), founded in Basel in 2018, hopes to change this. The new research center is run by ETH Zurich and the University of Basel and was made possible by a donation from the Botnar Foundation of CHF 100 million. The Vice Director of BRCCH is Professor Sai Reddy, whose Biomolecular Engineering professorship at ETH’s Basel-based biosystems engineering department has been funded by the Misrock Foundation.

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Child and adolescent health
partnerships for teaching and research
since 2003

A deeper look into the human cell

© Vera Hartmann Photography

The development of ultra-modern methods in cryogenic electron microscopy has paved the way for a wide variety of new possibilities in structural biology. These new methods have made it possible to make cell structures visible and to discover more about phenomena such as bacterial strategies for infecting human cells. The ETH Board appointed Martin Pilhofer to the post of cryo-EM professor; this professorship and the university’s new cryo-electron microscope were made possible thanks to ETH Zurich’s strong funding partners.

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  • Baugarten Stiftung
  • Familie August von Finck
  • NOMIS Foundation

From vision to reality: Student Project House

In this creative hub, ETH students can bring their ideas to life, build prototypes and carry out projects together – maybe even including founding their own company. The Student Project House has been on Hönggerberg campus since 2016, and generous donations in 2018 allowed a second location to be built on the Zentrum campus in downtown Zurich in 2021. The House has already given rise to five young businesses.

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  • Baugarten Stiftung
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • ETH juniors jFund
  • Franke
  • Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker Stiftung
  • Plastic Omnium

“At Franke, we have always employed a lot of ETH graduates. By supporting the Student Project House, we can play an important role in providing an ideal educational environment for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and employees.”

Michael Pieper
CEO/President Artemis Group

The miracle of Zurich Heart

© Das Bild / Judith Stadler und André Uster, Zurich

For people with severe heart failure, a heart transplant is often the only effective method of treatment. Donor organs are rare, however. Zurich Heart hopes to remedy the situation: the goal of this interdisciplinary flagship project is to significantly improve and develop existing cardiac assistive devices so that patients can enjoy a good quality of life for longer. Considerable progress has already been made: researchers have optimized pump performance and developed surfaces that more closely mimic human physiology, thereby preventing embolisms.

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  • Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker Stiftung
  • Mäxi-Stiftung
  • Stiftung Propter Homines

Boost for biomedicine in Zurich

© ETH Zürich / Gian Marco Castelberg

The Helmut Horten Foundation has supported Zurich as a hub for medical research for many years. Thanks to their generous funding, ETH has been able to significantly expand its biomedical activities with three professorships: Medical Immunology (Professor Federica Sallusto), Microbiome Research (Professor Shinichi Sunagawa) and the most recent addition as of January 2022, Computational Biology (Professor Pedro Beltrao).

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Boost for biomedicine in Zurich
professorships in medicine made possible
thanks to funding partners and donations
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Successful world premiere of the CYBATHLON

The first edition of ETH Zurich’s CYBATHLON was a resounding success, with 4,600 spectators, 66 international teams and enthusiastic worldwide media coverage. Supported by ultra-modern robotic assistance systems, athletes with physical limitations competed against one another in this event, demonstrating how novel technologies can help people with disabilities in their everyday lives. Numerous donors and partners made the first and second editions of the CYBATHLON possible in 2016 and 2020.

CYBATHLON preps for its next round

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  • Aktion Mensch
  • Baloise Insurance
  • Béatrice Ederer-Weber Stiftung
  • BNP Paribas
  • Dosenbach-Waser-Stiftung
  • EBGB
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Fontes-Stiftung
  • Global Strategic Capital
  • Hans-Eggenberger-Stiftung
  • Industrielle Betriebe Kloten AG
  • Joh. Jacob Rieter-Stiftung
  • Kiwanis Club Horgen Zürichsee
  • MBF Foundation
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation
  • Stiftung NAK-Humanitas
  • Swiss Life "Perspectives" Foundation
  • Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
  • Walter Haefner Stiftung
  • Wietlisbach Foundation
ETH Zurich Foundation, Successful world premiere of the CYBATHLON

"We believe that outstanding and curious engineers can make a positive impact on the world. This is why we supported the CYBATHLON from the beginning."

Eugen Elmiger
CEO maxon Group

Green light for sustainable food processing

© WFSC / Désirée Good

ETH Zurich’s Professor Alexander Mathys researches the development of novel techniques and processes to make food production more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The new assistant professorship for Sustainable Food Processing was made possible thanks to initial funding from corporate donors Bühler and Migros. One of Professor Mathys’s special focuses involves microalgae and the development of suitable production and processing steps. He has established his own microalgae lab for this purpose.

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Green light for sustainable food processing
professorships at ETH Zurich
thanks to funding partners and donations

Wyss Zurich Translational Center opens

The Wyss Zurich Translational Center, which was founded thanks to an exceptional donation from patron Dr h.c. Hansjörg Wyss, celebrated its opening in 2015. The Center combines the expertise and first-class infrastructure of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, allowing sound scientific ideas to be turned into real-world applications more quickly. The focus is on clinical therapies, novel technologies and intelligent systems in regenerative medicine and robotics.

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Subterranean energy

© Felix Wey, Baden, Switzerland

The enormous heat in the Earth’s interior is one of the biggest untapped energy sources on the planet. Professor Martin O. Saar has been conducting research into deep geothermal energy since 2014. His professorship has received significant support from the Werner Siemens-Foundation. Professor Saar is aiming to develop processes that can make geothermal energy an economically feasible source for electricity production in areas that have been unsuitable until now.

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Fertile ground for exciting ideas

© ETH Zurich / Alessandro Della Bella

Donations from Dr Max Rössler and the Martin Haefner Foundation made it possible to establish the Institute for Theoretical Studies, which brings together select up-and-coming mathematicians, theoretical natural scientists and computer scientists. The Institute provides a space for exciting ideas to take shape – ideas that emerge in hitherto unexpected places and that provide a spark for further progress and eventual real-world applications.

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Fertile ground for exciting ideas
cyber security projects launched
thanks to funding partners and donations

Tracking down security holes

The security and reliability of IT systems are central to our society. The Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC), part of ETH Zurich, has established itself as an international hub for security research. Thanks to a donation in 2012, the Center was able to add a new professorship for IT security. With the arrival of Professor Adrian Perrig, ETH Zurich gained a pioneer in the field of systems security. This professorship was expanded in 2014 thanks to further funding. Perrig and other professors at ETH have jointly developed SCION, the next generation of the Internet with a focus on security and stability.

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  • Die Schweizerische Post
  • dormakaba
  • Open Systems
  • SIX Group
  • Swisscom
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Zurich Insurance Company

Boost for risk research

© ETH Zurich / Alessandro Della Bella

Risks can quickly turn into catastrophes, whether it’s in the form of financial crises, avalanches or blackouts. This is why it’s so important to identify risks early on and understand their complexity. Founded in 2011, the ETH Risk Center is home to researchers who collaborate with the private sector to develop holistic research and assessment approaches to global systemic risks. Donations made it possible to strengthen the Center with three professorships and to support strategic research projects.

ETH Risk Center

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  • AXA Research Fund
  • KPMG
  • SCOR Corporate Foundation
  • Swiss Re
  • Swiss Re Foundation
  • swisselectric
  • Z Zurich Foundation

Freedom to explore ambitious ideas

© ETH Zurich / Stefan Weiss

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug: in 2010, ETH Zurich launched the Pioneer Fellowship Program, which supports ambitious researchers as they take their first steps from business idea to market-ready product or service. This not only supports Switzerland’s innovative capacity but also brings research findings to society more quickly. These highly competitive fellowships are primarily financed via donations.

2010 until today

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  • Adnovum Informatik
  • Adrian Weiss Stiftung
  • BASF Forschungsstiftung Schweiz
  • Dachstiftung ACCENTUS
  • Dätwyler Stiftung
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Fondation Alcea
  • Hauser-Stiftung
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Palmary Foundation
  • SCS Swiss Child Support Foundation
  • UBS Switzerland AG
  • and many more

Synergies for sustainable construction

© ETH Zurich / Alessandro Della Bella
Teaching and research in the field of sustainable construction received a boost thanks to ETH Zurich’s Sustainable Building Technologies professorship, supported by Siemens Schweiz AG. The move expands research in this field and sends a clear signal that sustainable construction forms a central part of teaching at ETH.

Improving our understanding of climate change

© ETH Zurich / Chr. Theler

Founded in 2008, the Center for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM) was one of the first centers of excellence at ETH. The C2SM focuses on various research activities related to climate modelling. The Center’s EXCLAIM project is developing a new computational and data platform that makes simulations possible at a much higher resolution, thereby enabling more precise weather forecasts and climate projections.

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Improving our understanding of climate change
projects to combat climate change
thanks to funding partners and donations
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Excellence Scholarships for exceptional talents

2007 marked the first year in which ETH awarded Excellence Scholarships to select Master’s students. One of the first recipients is depicted here: Marco Hutter, today an ETH Professor. The program for ETH’s most talented students has been growing steadily since its inception: while only 13 scholarships were awarded in 2007, this figure stood at nearly 60 in 2023 thanks to numerous funding partners and private donors.

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  • Accenture Stiftung
  • Adrian Weiss Stiftung
  • Ammann Group
  • Avaloq
  • Basler & Hofmann
  • Bühler
  • CA Indosuez
  • Clariant Foundation
  • Dätwyler
  • Disney Research Zürich
  • Dow
  • Dr. iur. Jstvan Kertész Stiftung
  • EBP Schweiz
  • Franke
  • Green Leaves Education Foundation
  • Gruner
  • Hardturm AG
  • Helmut Fischer und Anni Walther Stiftung
  • Huber+Suhner Stiftung
  • Implenia
  • Novartis Stiftung
  • Plastic Omnium
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • RMS Foundation
  • Sensirion
  • Shell
  • Starr International Foundation
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • United Technologies Research Center
  • and many more

Neuroscience gets a boost

© Scanderbeg Sauer Photography

Thanks to the Velux Foundation and other partners, ETH and the University of Zurich were able to acquire a full-body MRI device in this year. Imaging techniques can be used in a rapidly growing number of areas, and the MRI device has enabled promising, sophisticated research projects until this day. The acquisition of the MRI device led to a unique interdisciplinary setup, with basic research and concrete applications, science and private industry, and ETH and the University of Zurich all coming together.

Equipping the Information Science Lab

© ETH Zurich / Marco Carocari
In April 2004, ETH Zurich announced its first donations via the ETH Foundation, which were used to equip the new Information Science Lab on Hönggerberg campus with important infrastructure. The support of the Werner Siemens-Foundation and the Baugarten Foundation allowed ETH to install high-performance computers for processing enormous data sets and simulations.

ETH Foundation established

On 18 August 2003, the ETH Foundation was founded as an independent non-profit organization. The Foundation has been operational since the spring of 2004 and since then has been dedicated to the goal of acquiring additional resources for teaching and research at ETH Zurich.

We would like to extend our thanks to all organizations, foundations and private individuals who have requested not to be named or who have provided support but are not listed here.

ETH Zurich Foundation, ETH Foundation established
donors and partners
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