ETH Zurich Foundation, Talents 2023
Talents 2023

Funding outstanding young researchers.
For science, industry and society.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Talents 2023



ETH Zurich Foundation, Talents 2023


Vice President for Knowledge Transfer and Corporate Relations

Many thanks!

Like you, dear donors, we’re convinced that promoting our young researchers to the best of our ability is the key to unlocking the myriad solutions needed to meet the major challenges of our times. After all, brilliant minds have the potential to fire our society’s powers of innovation, ease the shortage of skilled workers and provide responses to numerous issues, including sustainability and the climate. Supporting young researchers is therefore not simply an investment in individual minds and ideas at ETH Zurich but an investment in the future of our present generation, and of generations to come.

Such support enables students like Excellence Scholar Luca Schaufelberger to seek ways of improving solar cell efficiency, ETH spin-off Planted to conquer the Swiss and European retail markets with its revolutionary pea protein, and former scholarship holder Giulia Amos, now a doctoral student, to break new ground in neuroscience (both, p. 20).

Providing direct resources to promising students and young entrepreneurs would not be possible without philanthropic funding. We and the young beneficiaries are most grateful for your trust – and will do our utmost to ensure that it bears rich fruit.

© ETH Foundation / Valeriano Di Domenico

Their robot beats the strongest currents

Jonas Wüst and Pragash Sivananthaguru met on account of their shared fascination for robots. In the meantime, business partners at home and abroad have shown interest in the two ETH Zurich graduates’ underwater drone.         read more

“Political communication at universities in future should be viewed as part of everyone’s work,” says Luca Schaufelberger.
© ETH Foundation / Daniel Winkler

Science and its social impact

Excellence Scholar Luca Schaufelberger belongs to a new generation of researchers campaigning for their work to be embedded in society.         read more

outstanding students funded.
Front runners:
Mechanical and Process Engineering
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Computer Science
The headquarters of the Ernst Göhner Foundation are located in the Villa Stadlin in Zug. The foundation acquired the culturally and historically significant building in 2007 and proved itself a cultural benefactor in its treatment of the building’s historic fabric.
© ETH Foundation / Valeriano Di Domenico

Infected by optimism

Some things are made for each other: like the Ernst Göhner Foundation and the talented researchers at ETH it chooses to fund. Patricia Kopp gives us the background story.         read more

Young entrepreneurs currently receiving funding

© WSS, Fotostudio Felix Wey, Baden

Understanding climate change in the oceans

Supported by an ETH scholarship, Janine Schmitter delves deep into questions about our earth and its oceans in her Master‘s degree in earth sciences at ETH Zurich.         read more

“Quality is everything”

Before a young person with talent is awarded a scholarship or fellowship from ETH, they must first cross the hurdles of a multi-stage selection process. Professor Lorenz Hurni, long-standing Vice Rector for Study Programmes at ETH, provides insight into how the process works in the case of Excellence Scholarships.         read more

Many thanks!

Talented individuals at ETH Zurich receive substantial backing from committed private individuals and partners. We would also like to thank all those supporters who are not mentioned by name but who, together, have enabled great things to happen.

  • Adnovum Informatik
  • Albers & Co AG
  • Artemis Holding AG
  • Biotronik
  • BKW
  • E2A
  • Glencore
  • headcount AG
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Jörg Lienert AG
  • Lombard International Assurance
  • Marti Gruppe
  • Partners Group AG
  • Peoplefone AG
  • Pfizer (Schweiz)
  • Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
  • Plexim
  • QuantCo
  • Sensirion
  • Shell
  • UBS Switzerland AG
  • consulting
Organisations & foundations
  • Adrian Weiss Stiftung
  • Anna Caroline Stiftung
  • Bärbel und Paul Geissbühler Stiftung
  • Baugarten Stiftung
  • Bernina Initiative
  • Bühlmann-Kühni Stiftung
  • CARUS - Catherine und Rudolf Schmid Stiftung
  • Clariant Foundation
  • Dachstiftung ACCENTUS
  • Dätwyler Stiftung
  • DGFI Foundation
  • Die Kommission für Immobilien des VSETH
  • Egon-und-Ingrid-Hug-Stiftung
  • EPFZ-GEP Chapter Geneva
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • ETH Alumni MBA SCM
  • ETH Juniors
  • ETH Zürich - D-ITET
  • Fondation Alcea
  • Fondation Dimitris N. Chorafas
  • Forum for Supply Chain Management
  • Gamil-Stiftung
  • Gebauer Stiftung
  • Gemeinnützige Stiftung Basler & Hofmann
  • Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker Stiftung
  • Green Leaves Education Foundation
  • Hauser-Stiftung
  • Helmut Fischer und Anni Walther Stiftung
  • Hirschmann-Stiftung
  • Husson Halabi Yassir Stiftung
  • IMG Stiftung
  • Klostermann-Stiftung
  • Linda Roethlisberger / TRILOGOS Fonds
  • Max und Else Noldin Stiftung
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Zürichse Ingenieurs
  • Palmary Foundation
  • SCS Swiss Child Support Foundation
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation
  • Stiftung zur Unterstützung und Förderung Begabter
  • SWF Stiftung für wissenschaftliche Forschung
  • Swiss Re Foundation
  • Truus und Gerrit van Riemsdijk Stiftung
  • Verein der Mathematik-
  • Veronika und Hugo Bohny Stiftung
  • Z Zurich Foundation
Alumni & private donors
  • Adrian Mäder
  • Andreas Friedrich
  • Andrea Ullmann-Bremi
  • Clemens Leopold
  • Daniela Bosshardt
  • Dr. Hanspeter Fässler
  • Dr. Hartmut Rudmann
  • Dr. Jürg W. Ziegler
  • Dr. Mattias Ivarsson
  • Dr. Reto Baitella
  • Dr. Urs Mäder
  • Dr. Urs Saner
  • Dr. Werner Witz
  • Dr Felix and Melanie Mayer
  • Ekkehard Hilti
  • Erica Rickenbacher Weidmann
  • Ernst Bärtschi
  • Evelyne Pflugi
  • Fred Kindle
  • Georg Wacker
  • Gerhard E. Schmid
  • Hans Wiedemar
  • Jakob Neuburger
  • Jean-Pierre Krause
  • Jürg Brandenberger
  • Jürgen Hilti
  • Manfred Hunziker
  • Peter Hunziker
  • Peter Scartazzini
  • Philippe A. Sarasin
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Teuber
  • Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Gruissem
  • Professor Jérôme and Corinne Faist
  • Randolf Hanslin
  • Robert Kessler
  • Rudolf Hauser
  • Rudolf Stuessi (Senior)
  • Simone Boehringer
  • Stefan Andreas Maximilian Schwarz
  • Thomas W. Hauser
  • Tonia Weibel
  • Walter Knabenhans
  • Werner Bosshard
In remembrance
  • Emil Halter (d.)
  • Hans Item Fonds
  • Hans Ulrich Würgler (d.)
  • Hans Willy Kräher (d.)
  • Margrit Anliker-Rüedi (d.)
  • Peter Buser (d.)
  • Prof. Dr. Alfred Rösli (d.)
  • Renata Ehrenbold (d.)
  • Reto Jenatsch (d.)
  • Robert Bleibler (d.)
  • Spickenreuther Fonds
  • The Marc A. Kolpin and Gina Kolpin Excellence Scholarship Fund
  • Ulrich Bremi (d.)
  • Ursula Himmel-Glarner Fonds zur Unterstützung herausragender Master-Studentinnen
  • Yvonne Lang-Chardonnens (d.)

Many thanks to all other 6000 donors and partners.

former Excellence Scholars
former Pioneer Fellows are now ETH donors.
“The Pioneer Fellowship led me along a successful path to an entrepreneurial career. Having a relationship with ETH is important to me, which is why I’m happy to support the university and its next generation of innovative founders today.”

Vincent Forster
Co-founder of Versantis

ETH biotech spin-off Versantis was acquired by Genfit in 2022.

Pioneer Pledge

With a Pioneer Pledge, young entrepreneurs from ETH Zurich make a non-binding pledge to engage in philanthropic activity for ETH. Founders like Lukas Böni from Planted or Michael Hagander from Microcaps thereby declare their support for an interconnected and sustainable start-up scene at ETH.

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