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Legacies & bequests

With a legacy or bequest in favor of the ETH Zurich Foundation, you can make a lasting commitment to those topics and values that are dear to your heart – from a commitment to excellent talent to the promotion of a specific field of research.

This way you create a memento of your life and make an effective contribution to a brighter future.

We thank you for your confidence.

Life stories connected to ETH Zurich:

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If you have any questions about bequests and legacies for the ETH Zurich Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Nathalie Sommer | ETH Zurich Foundation, Legacies & bequests

Nathalie Sommer
Legacies & Philanthropy
+41 44 633 36 36

Dr Donald Tillman | ETH Zurich Foundation, Legacies & bequests

Dr Donald Tillman
Managing Director
+41 44 633 69 62