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Donations enable exceptional things to happen, strengthen Switzerland’s innovative power and contribute to solutions for the great challenges of our time. Find out why donors and partners support ETH Zurich:

To drive innovation through science in order to solve the greatest challenges of our time.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Purpose

"Solutions to the enormous challenges posed by climate change can only be found together. By providing scientific foundations and technical innovations, ETH Zurich plays a decisive role in this."
Doris Leuthard
Former Federal Councillor,
Member of the ETH Foundation Board

To maintain and promote prosperity in Switzerland.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Purpose

"For me, it’s about Switzerland as a research location. I support ETH Zurich in order to facilitate innovation and progress.”
Martin Haefner
Donor to ETH Foundation

To achieve a sustainable impact.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Purpose

"Research and education are real gamechangers. No other philanthropic commitment reaches as deep as one to education and research, because this is where progress begins."
SWF Stiftung für wissenschaftliche Forschung
Partner of the ETH Foundation

Because of the proximity to talent and cutting-edge research at ETH.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Purpose

"By talking with Excellence Scholar Janine Wetter, I gained insight into current climate research. I also learned about today’s life of a young person and life at the „Poly“. Thus I could pass on my own knowledge and was deeply inspired.”
Eric Winkler
Donor to ETH Foundation

Out of gratitude for an exciting career and a good life.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Purpose

“Without ETH, I would not be where I stand today. For this reason, I'm happy to enable young talents to receive an excellent education through my commitment."
Christian Buess
Alumnus ETH Zurich,
Donor to ETH Foundation