ETH Zurich Foundation, Uplift: Medical technology innovation

Medical technology innovation

ETH Zurich Foundation, Uplift: Medical technology innovation

Christian Wolfrum

Vice President for Research at ETH Zurich

Effective transfer to clinical practice

ETH Zurich has defined health and medicine as a strategic action area, with over 100 professorships conducting research in this field. Their work involves close collaboration with medical practitioners, an approach that adheres to ETH’s fundamental belief in linking basic research with practical applications: indeed, when it comes to technology transfer, we reach out to partners of all kinds, whether in industry, professional associations or, as here, hospitals.

Besides interdisciplinary teams, this also calls for people operating at the interfaces. In terms of professorships, for example, this requires one person holding two positions simultaneously, one at a hospital and one at ETH. After all, knowledge of both sides leads to shorter transfer paths.

In other words, get the structures right and translation will inevitably be faster. An excellent example here is Volkmar Falk, who acts as both Medical Director of the German Heart Center Berlin and Professor of Translational Cardiovascular Technologies at ETH. Read on to learn more about this trailblazer and others making advancements in medicine to enhance patients’ well-being.

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Enhanced technology for our heart

Renowned cardiac surgeon Volkmar Falk is making strides at the intersection of clinical practice and engineering sciences. ETH is his long-standing partner.         read more

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What our breath reveals

Breath analysis holds hug e potential for unlocking a deeper understanding of our health. ETH professor Emma Slack shares her insights.         read more

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Switching sides

A former professional athlete and founder, he was once on the brink of failure. Today, ETH alumnus Joel Roos champions others in his work as investor and philanthropist.         read more

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Hope for brain disorders

While the new ETH technology holds great therapeutic potential, its success depends on partnerships being forged.         read more

For the benefit of our health

Getting a medtech start-up off the ground is no mean feat, particularly as the industry is subject to strict regulatory guidelines. Nevertheless, this doesn’t deter ambitious researchers at ETH Zurich.         read more

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