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The principles of quantum mechanics were developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Since the turn of the millennium, science has had the technical capability to intensively research its enormous application potential. ETH Zurich invested in this field at an early stage and today occupies a leading position worldwide, both in education and research and development.

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Our goal

In order to reinforce this position and take advantage of it in as many areas as possible, ETH plans to establish the new “Quantum Center, ETH Zurich” together with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). The focus is on quantum information processing, quantum simulation and quantum sensing.

Quantum research could fundamentally alter our everyday lives: quantum mechanics forms an important basis for computer models that simulate chemical reactions. This could, for example, provide a significant boost to drug research. As another example, a quantum computer could search extremely large databases highly efficiently, thus revolutionising road traffic planning or climate research.

Your support enables

  • The development of a technological basis for the manufacture of quantum computers and the corresponding software and components;
  • A new doctorate programme in quantum science and technology;
  • Two new professorships, to ensure that ETH is even better positioned for the quantum revolution.
ETH Zurich Foundation, Quantum Center
“With your support, ETH can perform ground-breaking work in an extremely exciting area of research. Quantum technology opens up new horizons in all scientific disciplines. Join the quantum revolution!”
Joël Mesot
President of ETH Zurich
Dr Donald Tillman | ETH Zurich Foundation, Quantum Center

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