ETH Zurich Foundation, Planted


Lukas Böni

Chicken made from pea protein is contributing to a more sustainable world

Our current level of meat consumption is unsustainable. Novel and scalable ways to sustainably and animal-friendly meet the protein need of the world in 2050 are urgently needed because meat production is responsible for about 18 percent of global greenhouse gases; other negative effects include over-fertilisation and antibiotic resistance.

Not at Planted. Their product helps conserve natural resources and consists of only four ingredients: pea protein, pea fibre, sunflower oil and water. The manufacturing process is similar to making pasta: the protein, fibre and oil are kneaded to create a dough and then fed through an extruder under pressure and heat. This creates the chicken-like consistency. The success relies on creating a product that mimics the original as closely as possible.

28 Swiss restaurants are already serving pea chicken, and the new online shop has been taking orders every day. The aim of the now eight-strong team is to move into retail at the beginning of 2020.

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