A new hotspot for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

25 June 2021

Your support will enable the creation of a vibrant centre for science and business to meet on the Hönggerberg campus. 

© Buchner Bründler Architekten
© Buchner Bründler Architekten

It is a group of particularly motivated young people who contribute on a daily basis to the Student Project House, the VSETH and SOSETH student associations or one of the ETH Competition teams. The same goes for those students and researchers who put a great deal of effort into the entrepreneurial initiatives of the ETH Entrepreneur Club, ETH spin-offs or the ETH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab. 

All of these initiatives are currently spread across several locations in the centre of Zurich and on the Hönggerberg campus, and some are housed in temporary facilities. Bringing them together in one place promises to create a vibrant centre
of exchange and collaboration where dedicated students and the entrepreneurial ETH community can support each other and come together in new projects. 

Where ideas take flight

This is precisely what the new ETH Centre for Students and Entrepreneurs is intended to facilitate. The winning project of the project competition, Equilibres, stood out especially for its diverse spaces for meeting and working, which promote interdisciplinary exchange on site. Workshops will provide a space for developing prototypes, and open office and multi-purpose areas will be available for shaping business ideas and presenting them to investors. Dr Lucie Rejman, Director of the Student Project House, believes that the new space will add an appeal to the Hönggerberg campus that will extend beyond the city of Zurich: “We can’t wait until all 9,100 m2 are filled with creative minds, ideas and prototypes. The building is an important milestone for Switzerland, a place where the inventions and innovations of tomorrow can take shape.” 

ETH Zurich Foundation, A new hotspot for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

A chance to shape the future

Building work is due to start in 2024. ETH Zurich will provide the lion’s share of the funding, but in order for the project to be realised, partners and donors are needed who will contribute to the financing with donations of all sizes. If funding can be secured, this hub for young creativity will be ready for occupation at the beginning of 2027.



This promising project offers a great opportunity to provide even more impetus for young creativity and entrepreneurial drive: generations of future young professionals will be given the opportunity to gain diverse experience outside the curriculum, expand their network and advance promising technological solutions. This will also make an important contribution to the attractiveness of ETH as an educational and innovation institution and the strengthening of Zurich and Switzerland as a science and business location.

ETH Zurich Foundation, A new hotspot for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

“This new building has the potential to become a creative entrepreneurial hotspot for ETH and Zurich as a hub of innovation.”

Professor Joël Mesot
President of ETH Zurich