Philanthropy: Good ideas for a good cause

22 March 2023

This philanthropy column by Donald Tillman was first published in ETH Zurich’s Globe Magazine in January 2023.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Philanthropy: Good ideas for a good cause
© D-BSSE / Carolin Arndt
© D-BSSE / Carolin Arndt

When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, retirement parties and similar events, most companies seem to follow the same old format. So why not be bold and shake things up a little? That was the thinking behind a recent initiative by Headcount AG, a Zurich-based recruitment consultancy specialising in the healthcare and life science sectors.

To mark its tenth anniversary, it decided to organise an auction of ten “artworks for a good cause” in collaboration with the ETH Foundation and the ETH AI Center. The selection of photographs and other works by ETH researchers and students was curated by the AI Center and auctioned at Kunsthaus Zürich as part of the company’s anniversary celebrations, with all the proceeds going to scholarships for ETH students with limited financial means.

Bidding was enthusiastic, and the scientists enjoyed the unique opportunity of seeing their research work elevated to the status of art.

One of the lots even came from an Excellence Scholar, Rachel Sava, thereby bringing the process full circle. So if you’re looking for ideas for your next corporate event, why not get in touch with the ETH Foundation?