From concept to treatment

11 February 2021

The path from research concept to medical treatment spans many development phases. The new ETH technology platform will provide assistance with clinical trials.

ETH Zurich Foundation, From concept to treatment
© Adobestock
© Adobestock

ETH Zurich has launched a new technology platform for clinical trials. The digital Trial Intervention Platform (dTIP) is designed to guide and support researchers and spin-​offs in implementing clinical trials and to drive forward health-​related research.

The new platform dTIP will be situated in two locations. Studies are currently being carried out at the Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) and will also be conducted in future in Zurich, in the modern GLC development and laboratory building, now in its final stage of construction. A small clinical research group got started in May 2019, gaining experience in clinical collaboration with KSB and paving the way for dTIP. The platform will also draw on a network of clinical partners and form project-​based alliances to address specific study needs.

Translational activities are planned in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust, a foundation that promotes medical research and supports the ambitious project via the ETH Foundation. The involvement of the funding institution promises two major benefits: Firstly, new study methods can be developed and tested directly in a clinical environment. Secondly, with the expertise it has consolidated over many years, the Wellcome Trust can provide valuable assistance to the ETH team in translational matters.

“Wellcome and ETH Zurich share the vision that dismantling barriers in translational science is crucial to solving global health challenges. We believe there is still huge potential in medical research and innovation, and are looking forward to our partnership with ETH,” says Katherine Anastasi-​Frankovics, Director of Innovations at Wellcome Trust.