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Innovation Hub: Student Project House

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Currently, around 25,000 young individuals are enrolled at ETH Zurich. These future experts and leaders will soon shape our world and tackle the great challenges of our time. For this task, students need not only excellent subject knowledge but also social, personal and hands-on skills.

This is where the Student Project House (SPH) comes into play. It offers students, independent of their curriculum, the opportunity to experiment, test ideas, implement them and connect with like-minded peers.

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Our goal

The “Makerspaces” of the SPH are hugely popular and serve as a dynamic breeding ground for entrepreneurially minded students. At present, mainly male students and those from the departments of Mechanical and Process Engineering and Information Technology and Electrical Engineering are involved in the SPH due to the existing infrastructure. To increase the diversity of the teams and to meet the rising demand, the SPH operation is set to expand.

Plans include additional Makerspaces in Digital Technologies, Life Science and Food. Measures are also needed to attract more female students and scale up the offerings.

Your support enables

  • the maintenance and expansion of the SPH locations, allowing even more students to benefit from the unique opportunity;
  • more creative freedom for students from previously underrepresented departments, enabling their brilliant ideas to take shape;
  • interdisciplinary growth for the SPH community, stoking and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit of the students.
Dr Markus Gut | ETH Zurich Foundation, Innovation Hub: Student Project House

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