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Technological innovations, scientific advancements and the rapidly increasing complexity of our world pose societal challenges of immense significance. From redesigning our energy systems to combatting unknown pathogens, scientific contributions are indispensable for progress. Yet, with every step forward enabled by innovations like artificial intelligence, new questions and challenges arise. These cannot be overcome by science alone.

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Our goal

The key to a promising future lies in continuous dialogue between science, politics, and society. To promote this exchange and support political decision-makers with scientific expertise and a comprehensive information base, ETH Zurich has set itself the ambitious goal of establishing a School of Public Policy in collaboration with partners. The aim is to ensure that sound research findings and scientific insights are increasingly incorporated into far-sighted political decisions.

Your support enables

  • a hub that facilitates ongoing dialogue between ETH researchers and policymakers, establishes regular dialogue formats and provides advisory support;
  • the further development of the existing Master of Science in “Technology and Policy,” particularly in the areas of health and digitalisation;
  • policy-relevant research projects conducted by the associated professorships.
Dr Donald Tillman | ETH Zurich Foundation, ETH School of Public Policy

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