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ETH scholarships

For the financial support of students who would otherwise not be able to afford to study


There is great demand for highly qualified specialists – particularly in the realm of the STEM disciplines. But even in a rich country such as Switzerland, many talented young people cannot afford a higher education on their own.

With its scholarship programme, ETH wants to make sure that motivated young people with the necessary talent for a demanding degree course can have access to a first-class education that promises them a bright future.

Shaping the success paths
of young talents

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Our goal

Talented people should be able to develop their full potential regardless of their financial situation. It is not only the recipients of the ETH scholarships who profit from the programme; their knowledge and skills will ultimately benefit society as a whole. Scholarships are thus a form of support with a particularly high leverage effect.

Your support enables

  • more equal opportunities through access to higher education for talented young people, regardless of their financial circumstance;
  • the coverage of personal costs of study and living in addition to cantonal contributions;
  • the education of highly qualified and much sought-after specialists.

Students who would like to apply for a scholarship can find all information on ETH Zurich’s student portal.

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