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For the financial support of students who would otherwise not be able to afford to study


19’000 students from 120 countries are currently studying at ETH. For some of them, however, the dream of studying at ETH is only possible with a scholarship. Around 400 young people are supported every year. They have to prove their progress regularly and are required to obtain their degree within a reasonable period of time.

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Our goal

ETH Zurich’s needs-based scholarships complement the cantonal contributions, which vary greatly. They ensure that no one is excluded from an ETH study programme because of their financial situation if they have all the necessary qualifications. This is all the more important because ETH studies are time-consuming and often do not allow students to take a paid part-time job.

Your support enables

  • access to higher education for talented young people, regardless of their financial circumstance;
  • the coverage of personal costs of study and living in addition to cantonal contributions;
  • the education of highly qualified specialists.

Students who would like to apply for a scholarship can find all information on ETH Zurich’s student portal.

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