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Thousands of melting glaciers, a rising sea level and higher maximum temperatures: Climate change and its consequences are among the biggest and most urgent challenges of our time. Research and innovation are needed in order to understand the mechanisms of global warming and to efficiently counter its effects.

Boosting climate research

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ETH Zurich has the worldwide reputation of being one of the foremost institutions in the field of climate research. In numerous professorships, outstanding scientists deal with the diverse areas of the planet and their interactions with climate change. Thanks to a broad interdisciplinary orientation, this research represents a well documented, holistic approach to the climate problem.

Our goal

To take climate research to new heights, ETH Zurich plans to implement a number of measures in the next few years. or example, as part of the large-scale EXCLAIM project, researchers are working on developing even higher-resolution climate models that will enable more reliable forecasts.

In addition, a new professorship „Polar Ice and Climate“ is planned. Its objective is to study the interplay between climate, land and sea ice.

Your support enables

  • a better understanding and more accurate predictions of the climate system;
  • a new assistant professorship „Polar Ice and Climate“;
  • new, pioneering projects, e.g. on modeling extreme events, researching precipitation patterns or the influence of organic compounds on cloud formation.
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