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Research on tissue damage and repair

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In us humans, injuries or damage to organs generally cause scarring and are often associated with restricted functional capacity. Thanks to new technologies in the areas of stem cell biology and genome engineering, and a deeper understanding of the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms, it may in future be possible to achieve complete regeneration following injuries to organs, as well as scar-free healing.

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The aim is to strengthen research in the area of cellular and molecular tissue regeneration with a new assistant professorship. In order to understand the underlying processes, there will be a particular focus on interactions with the immune system and environmental factors, as well as genetic and epigenetic mechanisms.

Based on this work, the aim will be to develop innovative approaches to promoting the healing and regeneration of tissue. This includes not only the healing of wounds to the skin but also the regeneration and repair of various internal organs, such as the cardiovascular system, the digestive tract, and muscles and tendons.

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  • a new assistant professorship specialising in research into cellular and molecular mechanisms of tissue regeneration;
  • a deeper understanding of wound healing and tissue regeneration, as well as approaches to improving the healing of tissue.

This assistant professorship is part of ETH Zurich’s Rehab initiative.

Dr Markus Gut | ETH Zurich Foundation, Research on tissue damage and repair

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