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Research on skin diseases: SKINTEGRITY.CH

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We would have no protection without our skin. It does not only act as a barrier against pathogens and ultraviolet radiation but is also a sensory organ, allowing us to perceive heat and cold. If the skin is injured, rapid wound healing is essential to prevent infection and to restore the barrier.

With the interdisciplinary research project SKINTEGRITY.CH, Switzerland aims to become a world-leading country in skin research.


In this interdisciplinary project, scientists, engineers and physicians are exploring the causes of skin diseases and tissue repair disorders, and develop innovative diagnostic procedures and treatments. Research topics range from basic science at the highest level to the production of artificial skin for transplants and the development of imaging systems for the early detection of skin cancers and other skin disorders.

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ETH Zurich Foundation, Research on skin diseases: SKINTEGRITY.CH
“The SKINTEGRITY.CH project will allow Switzerland to further expand its expertise in skin research; it offers the next generation of fundamental researchers, engineers and physicians a truly interdisciplinary training, which would not be possible without this collaborative research program.”
Professor Sabine Werner, SKINTEGRITY.CH Co-Chair and Professor of Cell Biology, ETH Zurich
Dr Donald Tillman | ETH Zurich Foundation, Research on skin diseases: SKINTEGRITY.CH

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