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For a world in which disability makes no difference


Going to work, shopping, doing sport or simply climbing stairs – for patients with neuromuscular injuries and people with physical disabilities, everyday activities can pose major challenges. Painstaking research, state-of-the-art assistive technologies and increased public awareness of rehabilitation-related issues could make life much easier for many people.

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Our goal

Improved medical care and a better quality of life are the goals of the Rehab Initiative: everyone should be able to participate in occupational and social life. What makes this initiative unique is the holistic and interdisciplinary approach it adopts to rehabilitation – ranging from basic research and clinical/everyday applications to social and economic aspects.

Your support enables

  • additional professorships and 100 (post-)doctoral research positions in the various areas of rehabilitation and inclusion
  • the reinforcement of Zurich’s position as a world-leading rehabilitation research centre
  • a specialised Master’s programme in Rehabilitation Science and Technology
Michael Domeisen | ETH Zurich Foundation, Rehab Initiative

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