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Continuing education for physicians

Research and clinical practice go hand in hand


Around a third of all professors at ETH Zurich conduct research into medical topics – for example, molecular mechanisms of diseases, imaging techniques, robotics and sensors, or nutrition. Collaboration between research labs and clinics is becoming ever more important to ensure that research is based on the specific challenges and needs of clinical practice and that the insights and technological innovations gained can quickly flow back into practice.

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Our goal

Thanks to the new MedLab programme @ETH Zurich, outstanding junior doctors with an interest in research can spend a year carrying out research into a clinically relevant issue in a suitable ETH laboratory. Two or three particularly gifted candidates a year are selected in a competitive process and can have the research year credited towards their Swiss Medical Association (FMH) education as further training.

The young doctors therefore benefit from the experience and expertise of the scientists at ETH, while the scientists are confronted with clinical questions. One candidate has already completed his research project and developed a special MRI procedure that can better predict heart attacks.

Your support enables

  • research-based further training for two or three young doctors a year as part of their specialist training;
  • collaboration that brings findings from research into clinical practice – and therefore to patients – faster;
  • application-oriented research into clinically relevant issues.
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