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Research on the health system of the future

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The health system is facing great challenges. On the one hand, technological advances are continually paving the way for new opportunities and prospects. On the other hand, services that barely benefit patients or that are unreasonable from an overall economic perspective are leading to steadily increasing healthcare costs. This problem is confounded by impending staff and material shortages. The further development of the health system is therefore urgently needed. One key part of this is the assessment of therapies or health technologies from an overall economic perspective. However, Switzerland still lacks a leading scientific institution that deals with this topic in a comprehensive manner.

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Our goal

In a newly created professorship at the Department of Management, Technology and Economics (D-MTEC), the aim is to work in partnership with industry and public institutions to bolster research and teaching in the field of health economics on a sustainable and lasting basis.

This will have an impact on both the economy and society: the professorship will facilitate and accelerate the introduction of new technologies into clinical practice and provide suitable funding models.

Your support enables

  • the establishment of a new professorship with up to 25 doctoral students, scientific assistants and staff members;
  • the overall economic assessment of therapies or health technologies for greater quality and efficiency in healthcare;
  • a scientific perspective and approaches to solving urgent challenges in the healthcare system.

This professorship is part of ETH Zurich’s Rehab initiative.

Michael Domeisen | ETH Zurich Foundation, Research on the health system of the future

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Michael Domeisen
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