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Improved cancer therapies thanks to big data


Every tumour is unique and follows its own pattern of development. With the analytical methods that have now become commonplace, it’s already possible to obtain a considerable amount of individually specific molecular data. So far, however, researchers only know what role a few of these factors play in the formation and development of cancer – and which therapies are the most suitable. This is where precision medicine comes in.

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Our goal

The Tumor Profiler Center aims to bring about significant improvements in individual cancer therapies by carrying out large-scale research into specific molecular and cellular factors. To this end, it uses new methods in fundamental research and for collecting and evaluating health data.

Based on a complete analysis of the specific tumour, it is possible to make personalised treatment recommendations. So far, more than 200 cancer patients have already benefited from this approach.

Building on the project’s success so far, those molecular factors whose role in the development of cancer is already known are to be researched in clinical studies. In addition, state-of-the-art profiling technologies and data science will be used to track down and investigate factors of currently unknown significance.

Your support enables

  • a deeper understanding of the formation and development of cancer and of the factors involved;
  • improved and individually tailored cancer therapies;
  • an interdisciplinary centre that pools the expertise of University Zurich, University Hospital Basel and ETH Zurich in the field of cancer medicine.
Lena Serck-Hanssen | ETH Zurich Foundation, Cancer research

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