ETH Zurich Foundation, Tackling global challenges: Social Impact Pioneer Fellowship

Tackling global challenges: Social Impact Pioneer Fellowship

Innovative solutions for the entire planet


ETH Zurich is committed to promoting technological advances that benefit society and our planet.  The Social Impact Pioneer Fellowships provide specific support for researchers and students with entrepreneurial ambitions whose projects and ideas predominantly benefit individuals in low- to middle-income countries.

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Our goal

The selection process for the fellowships is a competition for the best ideas, focusing on their innovative potential and their capacity to make a social difference for people in low-income countries as well as taking into account the personal attributes of the candidates.

Guided by mentors, the fellows refine their research into viable innovations that tackle pressing global developmental challenges. These initiatives strive to alleviate poverty, enhance health and food security, bolster education, expand access to information and digital technologies, and address climate change and the loss of biodiversity. The program, as well as the Pioneer Fellowship program, is primarily funded by donations.

Your support enables

  • seed funding and mentorship, empowering the Social Impact Pioneer Fellows to establish their ventures;
  • a heightened conversion of research into practical innovations that directly aid individuals in low-income countries;
  • worldwide advancement that stimulates innovation in less affluent nations, markedly narrowing the wealth divide.

UrbanEcho: digital twins for urban planning

Grace Kagho, Social Impact Pioneer Fellow

With UrbanEcho, Grace Kagho aims to create digital twins for cities in low-income regions. These replicate infrastructure, transportation networks, living conditions, and the mobility behavior of the population. With an accurate depiction on UrbanEcho's digital platform, various models can be designed, making it easier for local decision-makers to devise sustainable strategies and improve urban transportation systems.
Dr Markus Gut | ETH Zurich Foundation, Tackling global challenges: Social Impact Pioneer Fellowship

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