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Artificial intelligence has the potential to change science, business and society fundamentally. At the ETH AI Center, outstanding scientists are conducting research and driving forward the further development of this key technology at full speed. In addition, the Swiss AI Initiative launched in December 2023 aims to position Switzerland as a pioneer of transparent and reliable AI.

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Research fellowships for highly talented doctoral and postdoctoral students are one of the main pillars of the ETH AI Center. They accelerate the interdisciplinary research and application of AI across numerous fields – from basic research to applications in robotics, digital health, learning sciences and natural language recognition. The center also acts as an incubator for AI start-ups and promotes collaboration with industry.

At the same time, the Swiss AI initiative focuses on developing new large language models (LLM) that deliver comprehensible results and ensure that legal, ethical and scientific requirements are met. In spring 2024, the “Alps” supercomputer at the national high-performance computing center CSCS in Lugano will be put into operation to provide the necessary computing power for the development of these LLMs.

Your support enables

  • research scholarships for highly talented doctoral students and postdocs from the entire world;
  • to accelerate progress in disciplines such as medicine, manufacturing technologies, climate related research and many others;
  • the development of reliable applications of AI that may further strengthen Switzerland as a place for innovation and accelerate economic growth.
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