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Digitalisation and automation

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Digitalisation is one of the mega-topics impacting most sectors of the economy and society as a whole. It is also a prerequisite for automation and for improving industrial production and processes. As information technology and the physical world become more intertwined, the boundaries between software and hardware are becoming increasingly indistinguishable.

These cyber-physical systems require a fundamental realignment from companies. A higher degree of automation allows for efficiency gains in production processes and the use of energy and resources. Automated heating, cooling and lighting can help reduce energy consumption, and automated production processes can save material and resources.

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Our goal

ETH Zurich aims to establish three new professorships focusing on more efficient production processes and resource consumption. Two of the professorships will be dedicated to automation. One focus will be software and researching and optimising algorithms, while the other focus will be hardware, meaning the control, regulation and dynamics of robots, autonomous vehicles and industrial production systems. The third professorship will focus on the business aspects of digitalisation.

Your support enables

  • initial funding for three professorships in the fields of digitalisation and automation;
  • swift knowledge transfer thanks to deep cooperation between ETH and its industry partners;
  • a step towards a climate-neutral future.
Dr Donald Tillman | ETH Zurich Foundation, Digitalisation and automation

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