ETH Zurich Foundation, UniteLabs


Oskari Vinko & Max Schulz

Automate Life Science labs in minutes instead of days

A lot of time is wasted in life science laboratories with repetitive work: For example, researchers have to pipette liquids, take measurements and note the results. If these processes ran automatically, scientists would have more time to plan more demanding tasks such as experiments, analyze data and test new ideas.

For this reason, the young entrepreneurs at UniteLabs develop flexible automation solutions that adapt to the changing requirements of daily life science research. Unitelabs works with customers to program the software exactly as they need it for their experiments. The robotic arms and instruments then carry out small-scale work that the researchers would otherwise have to do manually. Using a secure network, the researchers can control the devices on their computers or smartphones without having to be on-site.

The goal is for researchers to be able to program their work processes without any help in the future. This should only take a few minutes and lower the threshold for automation in the everyday life of bioscientists.

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