ETH Zurich Foundation, MiFlow


Dr Marc Baechinger

A mobile tool to enhance user performance and well being

Whether an important exam, a presentation or a key sports match – these are all occasions where you want to do your best. What you achieve here hinges largely on your arousal level: too much and you feel stressed and nervous; too little and you feel listless. To help people prepare for these situations, MiFlow has come up with a novel mobile solution for mental training. The technology here is based on simple measurements of pupil dynamics: our pupils are dilated when we mentally exert ourselves, and small when we are completely relaxed. MiFlow gives immediate, personalised feedback; users can then try to calm down or spur themselves on as appropriate. By training the appropriate responses, users should be able to achieve the right level of stimulation in real-life situations – so that they can perform their best and feel as comfortable as possible.