ETH Zurich Foundation, FenX


Etienne Jeoffroy

Natural materials for building insulation

The construction industry faces the immense challenge of producing less waste and CO2. Anyone who builds a house faces a dilemma when it comes to selecting the right insulation. Should they choose an artificial insulating material, such as polystyrene or mineral wool or would it be better to opt for natural alternatives, say wood fibres or flax, which are sustainable but more expensive and often less effective.

FenX is working on a solution to this dilemma. The Pioneer Fellows transform industrial waste into a porous foam suitable for building insulation. FenX uses mineral waste and transforms it into highly porous foams that can be produced using advanced processing methods such as 3D printing. Their foams can be fabricated at ambient temperature releasing no CO2 emissions and are 100% recyclable.

More about FenX on their website and in the ETH news.