ETH Zurich Foundation, AnastoSEAL


Alexandre Anthis

A smart patch that fixes surgical leaks

Every year, up to 14 million people worldwide undergo abdominal surgery. During these operations, tissue is stitched together or closed with staples. In about ten percent of cases, the stitching breaks open after surgery, allowing gastric or intestinal fluid to leak into the surrounding tissue, a deterioration that is more often than not life-threatening.

Start-up Veltist has developed AnastoSEAL, a universal surgical suture and staple sealant patch that not only remains adhered under the harshest digestive conditions but also allows the use of cheap, portable ultrasound probes to assess the postoperative situation in the abdomen, before leaks occur. In this way, threatening breakthroughs can be detected early and addressed preventively.

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